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Perspex, Polycarbonate & PVC Fabrication Service

One of our perspec plastic fabrication projects in Melbourne

Expert plastic fabrication services in Melbourne

At Plastics For Industry in Melbourne, we offer complete fabrication and welding services for almost any application. Our experienced team can create an almost limitless range of items by cutting, shaping, heating, bending, bonding, gluing or welding plastic materials, such as poly carbonate, high-impact polystyrene and Perspex. Whether you need a one-off item or thousands of products, we can fulfill your order.

Top Benefits of Plastic Fabrication

If you think plastic won’t be strong enough for heavy-duty commercial or industrial equipment, think again. Some specialized plastics are as strong and durable as metal. In fact, plastic can be more resistant to corrosion from weather and chemicals than metal.

Custom Parts

Plastic fabrication is a great way to produce custom-designed parts and prototypes, including industrial items such as storage tanks and hoppers. Here are just a few of the products we can make with Perspex, acrylic or other plastics:
  • Display units
  • Brochure holders
  • Instrument covers
  • Point-of-sale aids
  • Tanks and drip trays
  • Machine guards
  • Shop fittings
  • Light covers
  • Scientific equipment
  • Prototypes
Our innovative design team can translate your drawings and plans into same-day, cut-to-size products that meet your specific requirements.

 Affordable Alternative

In most cases, plastic fabrication is an economical alternative to the expensive tooling costs that often accompany high-volume production runs. At Plastics For Industry, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality work at competitively low prices.

Quality Plastic Fabrication and Welding Services 

We have decades of experience in the plastics industry and have the in-house capability to fulfill both small- and large-volume orders. Whether you need Perspex sheets, PVC rods or Teflon gaskets, we have the resources and expertise to manufacture it for you. Our team will personally work with you from start to finish to ensure that you are satisfied with our services.

Call the plastic fabrication experts in Melbourne now on 
03 9706 3077.

Call the plastic fabrication experts in Melbourne and Dandenong now

Call the plastic fabrication experts in Melbourne now on 03 9706 3077

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